Some points for a blog post I want to write about notetaking.

  • Books are fun when you're reading them, but it's hard to remember what they said.
  • Take notes to help you internalize things, and retain them longer
  • Also helpful when you want to write about something, but it's not really original content you'd put on a blog
  • Keeping it public helps you stay motivated to keep doing it.
  • I use Dendron
  • Also use Dendron at work, to keep notes about projects, TODO lists, ideas, meeting notes, design docs and such
  • A lot of my notes are trivia that is interesting but I know I'll forget if I don't jot down.
  • The idea is to not just consume mindlessly, but also produce.
  • Once you produce something, you really know it.
  • Notes can also be quite a good unit of knowledge to be gained. Instead of thinking I'll read these many pages today, think I'll take these many valid notes today.