• Failed experiment
  • Deployed ~a year ago, deprecated some time ago

Did not get much use. Why?

  • No feeling of exclusivity. Should have been invite-only imo.
  • Should have onboarded each user one by one. Giving everyone time to feel welcome, and not just go away.
  • Should have expressed the benefits much more explicitly.
    • No tracking
    • Still get the benefit
  • Usecases were out of whack.
  • People who want to talk to their friends do it over whatsapp.
  • People who want to post photos or write tweets for an audience would prefer to do it for a large audience.

Still think that there is potential

I figure there is still value that can be provided by having small silos allowing for Facebook / Twitter like activities, but without the tracking and the bad stuff. Developing a community, however, takes quite a lot of care and one mis-step can be enough to kill it.