Death's End

"The presumption of innocence does not apply to crimes against humanity. This is a principle of international law established at the start of the Crisis Era."

"In order to help his students understand Nazism and totalitarianism, he tried to create a simulation of a totalitarian society with his students. It took only five days for him to succeed and his class to become a miniature fascist state. Every student willingly gave up the self and freedom, became one with the supreme collective, and pursued the collective’s goals with religious zeal. In the end, this teaching experiment that began as a harmless game almost spun out of control. The Germans made a film based on Jones’s experiment, and Jones himself wrote a book about it: The Third Wave. When those of us aboard Bronze Age found out that we were doomed to wander space forever, we formed a totalitarian state as well. Do you know how long it took?"

"JUDGE: You haven’t answered my question. I asked what you did with the bodies. ROVINSKI: We refilled the food stores on Bronze Age with them."

"Rovinski, surely you must have understood that you were violating the most fundamental laws that make us human? ROVINSKI: We were constrained by other morals that you don’t understand. During the Doomsday Battle, Bronze Age had to exceed its designed acceleration parameters."

"After Schneider’s warning, Blue Space instantly shifted from decelerating to accelerating full speed ahead. When Earth received the intelligence report from the sophons of Trisolaris, the two civilizations had a shared enemy for the first time in history."

"Even though the crew of Blue Space had become aliens in the minds of most people, only humanity should bring them to justice."

"the three and three hundred thousand syndrome?"

"Death is the only lighthouse that is always lit. No matter where you sail, ultimately, you must turn toward it. Everything fades in the world, but Death endures.”"

"Weakness and ignorance are not barriers to survival, but arrogance is."