One of my tweets went viral yesterday. I didn't really like seeing reddit people fighting in my replies. This was the kind of thing that made me run away from reddit.

https://adventures.param.codes now has images. The images are surprisingly great. I only need to fix the story now for it to be quite good. GPT-3 forgets how long the story has gone, so I need to keep reminding it.

Some choice comments for adventures from twitter:

  • infinite zork but with images
  • bandersnatch but better
  • i play it while my uber rides are getting cancelled.

I should put these on the website.

People like the idea. One person is making the same thing but for romance movies like Before Sunrise etc. Quite cool.

I've been added to a group of anon/pseudo-anon twitter engineers. Also quite cool, making friends on the internet seems like a nice idea.

Todo: TDM gave me the idea of prefetching the next 4 options async so that things are faster. that's a great idea!

I need to dive a bit deep into this: https://github.com/educelab/volume-cartographer/discussions/10 This seems like a software engineering task that I could actually do, and it lines up with my own python expertise too.

Ok, I left a comment, probably going nowhere but let's see. Maybe I spend some time doing research this week.