Woke up late today 10:30 AM.

Going to get my learner's license before I start work. I need to finish $CURRENT_PROJECT soon and get started on $NEXT_PROJECT.

@csparker247 replied to my GitHub comment. I need to look into the current python bindings. I think this is going to be my project for the week.

I'm feeling a little tired. I think sitting for 10-12 hours is not a good idea. Going to go for a long run.

After that look at parsing junit xmls and then python bindings.

Todo: use gpt-4 for adventures.

looking at the python bindings for volume-cartographer thing. i think next steps should be for me to look at the python bindings and see what i can improve. this might not be the right project for me because i think it might involve more C++ than python, which isn't really what i want to do.

i added some pre-fetching to the adventures site. matt said it's a bit too fast now, which is good feedback imo :D

i'll add some streaming code, I think. but first i need to make the text static.

also wrote some tests to help vijaya out.